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neurolotus art therapy



Research and constant learning have been my passion. In 2015 I graduated from Music, Mind a Brain a really interesting graduate program from Goldsmiths University of London. This Masters of Science gave me lots of tools and understanding of how Music can be used as a tool for motor and neuro-rehabilitation, wellness, community building, and mood regulation. This was a strong research base program and to no extend would give me the therapeutic skills I wanted to develop. Moreover, the challenges of being an international racial minority student with a tight scholarship budget to survive and all the challenges I had strived in the past facilitated the good old Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD). So I was in a hard place to find the motivation to continue going into the Academic world. 

Since 2011, when I was able to afford a DSLR by spending a good chunk of my scholarship on an expressive need, I have been an avid capturist of light. So, as I had the privilege to travel for a bit around Europe, enjoying photographic here and there while I was trying to figure out what would be next in my professional life, I knew one important thing was to get my name out there and have a website. 

For a few days, while chilling in the cutest hygge home in Kovenhagen (my wonderful friends' place), I came up with the idea of using the prefix "neuro" and adding something else... that something else became "lotus". 

NEUROLOTUS was just born, I quickly did my search and the www. was available, since then, I have held this page as my public professional profile.

Fast-forward into the present, I have become an Art Therapist and now neurolotus is becoming the 


Returning clients

Sainte Famille 

Montréal, Québec 


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