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Neurolotus Art Therapy

In October 2021, Neurolotus Art Therapy started as an online art therapy service provided by Lily to facilitate access to Montreal's community, especially for neurodiverse and racialized minorities during the pandemic's restrictions. 

In March 2022, the practice transitioned to in-person art therapy sessions in a cozy art therapy studio with wonderful views of  Tio'tia:ke (Montreal) cityscape. Recently, in 2024 Neurolotus art therapy studio relocated to a wonderful space upstairs from Papeterie Nota Bene. 

Lily offers both online and in/person sessions. To protect confidentiality and personal data, Lily uses a virtual clinic platform called JaneApp, which complies with numerous countries' cyber security standards (Data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption).

Art therapy Sessions
Mental Health Consulting 

Fees and Cancellation Policies

Art therapy/counseling sessions

Counselees can choose the session length that best suits their needs, preferences, and therapeutic goals. 


1. 50-Minute Session- $135:

     - It is designed to accommodate shorter art/counseling therapy sessions. 


2. 80-Minute Session- $200:

     - It offers a longer duration compared to the 50-minute session, allowing for more in-depth discussions, and a longer period for expressive and art engagement.


3. 120-Minute Session - $270:

    - It is the longest session duration offered, providing ample time for comprehensive therapy sessions, and deeper exploration of the art/expressive creations. Generally, folks who have had longer periods of a therapeutic relationship book these sessions every month.


* Prices include taxes. Good news is that the counselling community has being advocating to the Canadian Parliament for removal of this costs. You can follow more here


Each session's cost is reflective of:

  • academic preparation of the art therapist (15+ studies)

  • continuing education 

  • cost of art materials and business expenses

  • length of sessions 

Insurance coverage


Most insurances cover these sessions as counseling. Lily counts with the following accreditations:

  • CCC - Canadian Certified Counsellor provided by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association/CCPA (you can find her in the following CCPA directory).

  • ND - Naturopath by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada/ ACNN (you can find her in the following ACNN directory).

  • ATPQ - Art therapist in Québec by the Québec Art Therapy Association / AATQ (you can find her in the following AATQ directory).


Cancellation Policy


As I run a small practice honoring a good life-work balance, I kindly ask for your consideration of my time and the needs of others seeking therapeutic support. It would be greatly appreciated if you could cancel or reschedule your session beforehand. In light of some valuable learning experiences, I am updating my policy to ensure smoother scheduling for everyone involved.


From now on, rescheduling or canceling appointments must be done 72 hours in advance, which equates to 3 days prior to your scheduled session. Please note that late cancellation fees will remain unchanged.

I understand that life can be unpredictable, and plans may need to be adjusted accordingly. However, by adhering to this policy, I aim to maintain fairness and respect for both parties. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

1. Cancellation Period: Any cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before your scheduled session and 48 hours prior to avoid charges.


2. No-Show Policy: If you fail to attend your scheduled session without prior notice, you will be charged the full session rate of $135.


3. Cancellation Charges:


50-Minute Session ($135):

     - Cancellation within 48 hours: 50% charge ($67.50)

     - Cancellation within 24 hours: 80% charge ($108)


80-Minute Session ($200):

     - Cancellation within 48 hours: 50% charge ($100)

     - Cancellation within 24 hours: 80% charge ($160)


120-Minute Session ($270):

     - Cancellation within 48 hours: 50% charge ($135)

     - Cancellation within 24 hours: 80% charge ($216)


How to Cancel: The best way to cancel your appointment is through the Janeapp platform 48 hours prior. Past that time you will need to contact me via email or text.


**Exceptions:** - Medical/ family emergencies - I understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances may arise. In such cases, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, and I will do my best to accommodate your situation.


By scheduling a session with me, you acknowledge and agree to abide by my cancellation policy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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