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Lily was born in Mexico City. As an emerging artist, she has focused her work on photography, and recently she is exploring different media for self-expression and promotion of Mental Health Awareness. Currently, Lily is part of the Creative Arts Therapies Masters program from Concordia University where she is preparing to become an Art Therapist as a candidate to graduate in the Fall of 2021.

Lily is also a research enthusiast. She obtained her Bachelor's degree with Honors from UNAM as a Psychologist (2014) and holds a Master's of Science in Music, Mind and Brain from Goldsmiths University of London (2015), where she was part of the interdisciplinary audio-motor research group. Lily completed her graduate studies as a fellow of the National Council for Science and Technology from Mexico (CONACyT).


As a psychologist, Lily has developed research in the fields of neuroaesthetics and music cognition. She was a research assistant in the first Mexican project focused on an interdisciplinary understanding about neuroaesthetics of pre-Hispanic art, "The Brain and Art" , which is coordinated by Dr. Francisco Fernández de Miguel and brings together the work of mathematicians, biologists, psychologists, and visual artists, as well as the participation of the visiting public at the Museum of Tlatelolco (CCUT).

She has worked and volunteered in cultural management and curatorial projects. Her inclination to the arts has kept her close to the world of photography, actively participating in university competitions since 2010. In 2012, her photography "El de Bigotes" was selected to be part of the first book of the Mega Ofrendas. She has also been invited to participate in national (Mexico) collective exhibitions (Faculty of Psychology, 2011, Proyecto Cultural Talamuro, 2014, Galería 124, 2015 and Galería Oscar Román, 2017) and international exhibitions (Square Gallery London, 2016, The Vaults London, 2017 and Visual Voice Gallery Montreal, 2019).

On the most recent collective exhibition Lily participated in: Convergence Arts, Neuroscience and Society , she produced Self-Flow : an ongoing series of Sumi-e style paintings in collaboration with Liam O'Leary, where the focus was to convey how O'Leary's research on depression inspired Lily's blood paintings to promote awareness about depression and suicide. Her current work is focused on landscapes by translating her City Escapes and Land Escapes photographic series into painting. She is also working on portraying endangered animal species. Another ongoing project is a series of portraits about Latin American women in science abroad entitled " SMART : Science, Women, America Latina, Representing Talent", which already encompasses 25 portraits of women developing scientific research in different areas from the neurosciences, astrophysics to philosophy in England, Switzerland and Canada.


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