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Art Therapy (Coming Soon!)


Research on

Neuroaesthetics and

Music Cognition

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neurolotus is a project lead by Lily Jiménez-Dabdoub that seeks to integrate art and cognitive neuroscience in a holistic-interdisciplinary framework.  


neurolotus seeks to exchange academic and creative arts therapies endeavors towards the promotion of psychological, spiritual and neurological well-being and healing .


With the vision of creating a space of international action through Artists' Residencies, collaborations, and research to innovate on creative holistic and comprehensive interventions focused on nurturing a mental health culture through well-being and healing.




What is art therapy?
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It is an integrative therapeutic intervention that facilitates non-verbal communication and emotional processing through our natural inclinations to express ourselves artistically. 

Art therapy helps you connect and re-connect with your expressive skills: visual, sensorial, and kinesthetic (movement). You do not need to be an artist and if you are, art therapy is a safe space where the most important part of art-making is the process itself, rather than the final product. 


At the art therapy space, NO aesthetic judgments will be welcomed! The art therapist's work is to support you in unraveling the expressive experiences.

Art therapy facilitates and presents itself as an empowering therapeutic venue to strengthen your self-awareness, self-esteem and guide you towards insightful healing experiences. 

Want to learn more about art therapy and Lily Jiménez-Dabdoub? 

You can read more here



For any inquiries, collaborations, research, please contact me

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